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Trophy Maine Moose Hunting

Having the largest moose population in the lower 48, Maine has become one of the top destinations in the United States for trophy moose hunting. Here at Rising Sun Outfitters we pride ourselves in providing "FAIR CHASE" hunts for Trophy Maine Moose. With a "BOOTS ON THE GROUND" philosophy and not riding until we find one attitude has made us very successful over the years.  Our experienced guides are masters at the art of calling. These skills allow or guides to present the animal to the hunter giving them the opportunity to view the animal at a very close distance which can turn this once in a lifetime hunt up close and personal. 

We cover WMD's...  5,6,10,11,18,19,28. With our  three different facilities located in these zones it allows us to better serve you.

912 lbs. Trophy Maine Bull Moose

                                        912 lbs. Trophy Maine Bull Moose

795 lbs Trophy Maine Bull Moose

                                             825 lbs. Trophy Maine Bull

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